Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Day Ahead

I have a wonderful Aunt who is 90 years old.  Bless her heart she is such a wonderful women.  I'm headed over there to do her cleaning and get her apartment spic and span for Easter.  This aunt is such a women of faith I have to say that I love to talk to her, I always learn so much she is a true blessing to me.
 I did work on a couple things yesterday, one was the sanitizer holders, the other is a couple cards.  Let me show you what I came up with....

Purple, green, blue and white to post over at Cardz TV, Mary is running the challenge...I've never entered a challenge but I do think it's time.  I love how it's all done on a random pick anyway so we all have a chance.

This one I did my take on a card I saw in the card maker magazine... I love the magazine they have so many cute ideas...
Well, off to visit you all and see whats going on with you.  Have a wonderful Tuesday, even though here it will be raining. 


  1. Enjoy your day with your aunt. My dh had two great aunts that were two of the sweetest ladies ever. They both passed last summer, Aunt Edna was 101.5yo and Aunt Martha 100.5yo! They were so precious. I like your little butterflies, stamped flowers, and your mother's day sentiment; very pretty.

  2. Thanks June, wishing you a geat day too.

  3. You are so nice to help your aunt! I love your card for Mary's challenge! My name is Judy and I am also a grammie!
    When you have time, hop over and visit my meager blog


  4. Hi Judy, I love your cards! Did I get that right? You've never entered any challenges? Oh girl, we need to talk! :)

  5. Beautiful cards!! You are SO sweet to help your Aunt. I am sure she loves that you help her and spend time with her!! Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your work! Beautiful!

  6. How sweet of you to help your Aunt! The card is so nice. Good luck on your first challenge. I love the lace on the second card, it gives the perfect touch.

  7. Oh what an awesome way to spend a day!!! Seniors
    are such a blessing. Love both of your cards. :)

  8. Thats a lovely way to show your Aunt how much you love her,hope you had a good chat.Love both of your cards,they are fab.
    Sue :)

  9. Great job on these!! They are so sweet!

  10. Both cards are beautiful-