Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Cricut is here.

It arrived yesterday at around 11 am, but by the time I got home and ready to sit down to open it, it was 5 pm... I had some errands to run so I just left it nice and safe in the box.
opening time I got so excited eeeekkkk....
Isn't she beautiful!!!

Her first cut, and please bare with me this is my very first cricut so please indulge me ok LOL

ok now to my problem, how do you lay out multiple colors of paper to make different cuts?  for example all the pieces to a create a critter, can't you put down the different colors of paper, and tell the machine to go from one color to the other to cut out the different layers...?  I don't get this if you have a tutorial please send me the link, or if you could do a tutorial I would appreciate that so much.
Thank you and have a great day.  Lily comes to day she will be so happy my machine is here. 


  1. Hi Judy so happy for you if I were you I would look on You Tube Robyn at my pink stamper had so videos on the E2

  2. News flash, I found some videos that did give me some good insight on moving things around the mat better... I think I'm good to go on that. I also think I've watched every video out there lol..

  3. Judy came home and read your post on my blog omg I would LOVE to be there with you exploring the new e2 that would just be heavenly....hope you are having a fab craft day

  4. Oh My Word!!! your going to have a blast with your new Cricut. I'm now off to have a look around the rest of your blog, it's gorgeous what I have seen so far.


  5. YAY, so excited that you got yours so quickly - mine will be here tomorrow!! Glad you found videos, those will be your best friend in trying to figure it out!

    Here's the one that Provo Craft has on the cricut website, in case you haven't found it yet!

  6. Yahoooooooooooo how exciting to have a new toy! Congrats! Great blog! I found your blog through Made by Momo's follower post. I am following now and look forward to seeing more of your creations! =)


  7. Congrats on your new toy! Have fun!

  8. Judy, wanted to say thanks for your kind comments. Please stop by I have a special award for you. Congrats on the E2. Traci