Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is a new day

We have had so much rain here, and to top it off someone unpluged our sump pump oh boy did we get some water... Thankfully my son and I were able to clean it up and now with the sump pump plugged back in we should be ok... Fingers crossed.
Yesterday I worked on the mini album.  I have some pics to show you.  I also followed the you tube videos on the slider cards how cute they are, I added one to the mini.

this is the slider kinda funny looking in the album, but the girls will love it.  The open view...
The closed view.
Lily works her way into everything I do... LOL

I've made a couple pockets with tags.

 I have so many ideas for the cover but I need to have the cricut to do them I hope that it comes soon.  I'm just to excited.
Off to check your blogs, and see what you all are up to have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Hi, Judy! I have perused your recent post, so first I want to say Happy Anniversary and I am glad you enjoyed a lovely Easter with your family. I love your project with the beautiful Lily as your model :)