Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Day

Good Morning Everyone,
It is like a summer morning here in Western New York.  The sun is shinning and I'm thinking of washing windows gosh I must be crazy... but with all the rain and cold weather I still need to wash and open up some of our windows downtairs.  I always have big plans we'll see if I can follow thru.

I worked on a card that gave me nothing but trouble, so I'm going to post the pic but believe me this is not how I hoped it would turn out. 

I had to move the huge birthday sign down to the bottom of the card to cover the fact that I tore the red paper behind.  I like the basics but I don't like how I had to place the details.  Oh well just for a laugh today LOL.  Have a good one everybody.
Off to see what you all are working on.


  1. Hello Judy. Please dont be hard on yourself, your card is great. I love the colour, it really stands out. The twine with the button is very effective, and I love the placement of the sentiment panel.
    I will let you into a secret....shhh, I tore some paper yesterday, and did the same thing as you, so you are not alone,hehehe. Great minds think alike. Happy crafting my friend.
    Love Sandra xxx

  2. Hey Judy, can you send some of that sunshine a bit to the east?! It's raining here in my corner of New York. Blah!
    Your card is anything but blah! I think it turned out great and the placement of elements looks just fine to me! Super colors!

  3. Your card looks great, we are definitely our own worst critics!! I love the inking on the edges, very pretty card!

  4. Send some sunshine to MN. It's been raining all wknd!
    Your card is very pretty!TFS!
    Sherrie K

  5. Hi Judy,nothing wrong with your card,it's lovely.I would get blown away today if I wanted to do my windows,it's blowing a hoolie in Liverpool right now.
    Hugs Sue xx

  6. Good morning Judy,
    Another great card with lovely paper, love the color.
    Have a great day.

  7. I really like your card!! I've had to move things around to hide a flaw before, too. I love the layout of your card. The button and twine are great, too. I think it is a great card!! :)

  8. no sun here in eastern NY stop hogging it ;)...
    maybe if you added a few small buttons either above or below the celebrate might balance it a little more but I like it...sometime the cards I don't really like are the one's I get the most comments on that people really like....

  9. Love your pretty card! The colors speak to me!!!
    Thanks also for always leaving such beautiful comments for me!!! :-) They make my day!