Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I still have that I am not following any blogs on dashboard... UGH, I hate this because I can't go and see what everyone is working on, or comment and say hi to all you guys.... HOW DO I GET THIS FIXED IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

I did have some time to work on a card yesterday... It was inspired by a picture I saw in a magazine, I thought it came out so cute.

Now I wish I could go see what you all are up to but I can't so I'm bummed... Have a great day I miss your posts guys...


  1. Pretty card, I love those butterflies!!

    I read all my blog posts through Google reader - can you create a gmail account and do it that way? Its super easy and all the new posts are there whenever they are posted on the blogs I follow - and I can read them in the same place, clicking on the title if I want to go to the blog to leave a comment! Hope you get something figured out!

  2. Hi Judy. Your card is delightful and such wonderful colours. So delicate and very pretty.
    Judy, try the refresh button at the top of the screen, sometimes that has worked for me, anything is worth a try.
    Happy crafting.
    Love Sandra xxx

  3. Thanks you guys, I've been trying everything to no avail. Kim, I do get to see the blogs I follow with google reader, but I do like the other way better I guess its just what I'm use to. So frustrated...

  4. Judy - great card! As for blogger, it will eventually straighten itself out. Mine was down part of Saturday, all of Sunday, and for a few hours on Monday. Said just what yours says, that I am currently following no blogs, but at some point yesterday, I refreshed again, and there is was! If you keep blogger open all day, be sure to refresh regularly! Good luck, my friend!

  5. Judy Great card me too just kept refreshing and it finally came back but I know what you mean...WE HATE when things don't work the way we like them too.... ;)

  6. So very pretty!! Love the butterflies!! :)

  7. Beautiful card Judy,love the butterflies.Sorry you are still having probs.
    Hugs Sue xx

  8. Lovely card and glad you had a good Mother's Day. Your craft room looks brill.

  9. Beautiful card. Love all the butterflies!! Thanks for sharing!
    I had the same problem for about 4 days. I can relate, I was fraustrated as well. I sent and email to blogger and they are aware of the problem and are working on it. It finally was up and running again a couple days later. Hope it gets fixed soon for you! Good luck!
    Sherrie K

  10. That card is beautiful! Because you and your projects are so awesome, I have an award for you on my blog! Stop by anytime!
    -Lori Craftin' Blind