Thursday, May 26, 2011

OMG, so I was driving home from cake class last night, this class was the final where we decorated our cakes all pretty.  The teacher has us do the basket weave alllllllll the way around the cake.  I'm not a fan of the basket weave at all.  So I'm on my way home I come to the very first stop light, I really didn't think I slammed on the brakes, but doesn't the cake with the dang basket weave go flying to the floor in the back set!  OH YES IT DID...LOL all I could do is laugh of course this would happen to me.  <sigh>

On to the banner, I think it is coming out cute I hope Peyton likes it.

I'm going to string it today and add a couple extra things, then wrap it up and send it to her for the end of the school year.  Have a wonderful day everyone, I'm off to see what you all are doing.  Oh I do have to clean cake out of my back seat at some point today :).


  1. Hello Judy. Oh dear, what a shame after all your hard work. You will have to practice again now, hahaha.
    Love the banner and I am sure that Peyton will love it too. Happy crafting.
    With love, sandra xx

  2. Oh no, Judy!!! That is awful! Although sounds like you had a laugh about it, that is a good attitude!!

    This banner came out awesome. Your gd will just love it!! So adorable!!!


  3. Poor you Judy,such a shame.Good job we can laugh when things like this happen.Peyton is going to love her banner,it's lovely.
    Hugs Sue xx

  4. omg I can see the cake now...that is to funny!
    I love the banner my middle daughter is 25 still loves my little kitty....I should make one for her...just noticed my button on your site to day...made me feel like a celeb! have a great crafty day & watch out for the bad weather coming later today....

  5. Hi ya Judy,
    Love the banner, Payton will love it. Too bad about the cake, I remember those days of cake decorating, but never had that happen to me, as you said all you can do is laugh.
    Have a great day.

  6. Hi Judy, Thanks for stopping buy my blog and leaving a comment. It's a shame about your cake. Maybe if you leave it for a day or so it will get hard and it will be easier to vacuum up ( I made baked potatos the other day in the oven, when I went to pick it up with the tongs it burst all over the inside of the oven. I let it sit a day and get hard and dry out a bit and vacuumed it up. It wasn't so bad to clean up.) On to your banner, I think it came out great.

  7. Hi Judy,that's really unlucky with your cake...good job you have a sense of humour over it!Love the banner and so will Peyton.