Sunday, June 26, 2011

Asking for your help!!!

Does anyone know those little boxes from Michaels that everyone all over youtube alters?  they are small and from what I can tell there are two different sizes both have a wooden button and a brown strap closure.  I have been to 5 Michaels within a 30 mile radius and I can't find them.  No one knows what I'm talking about. 
If someone that has them can see an item number, UPS code something that I can call Michaels and order some?  Or if you have a stash and are willing to sell me some I would be so grateful.  I want a whole bunch to use as gifts tho. 
Thanks you guys.


  1. Hi Judy I hate when that happens! I will be near my Michaels tomorrow after work I will check there for you think this is what you want looked on youtube and this video you can actually see them bottom of the box with the bar code on the packaging

  2. Yes Karen that is the smaller of the two boxes that I was looking for. I just got off the phone with Michaels Customer Service and it appears those are no longer avaiable. Maybe some stores are still gettig finl quanities but they have been discontinued..UGH....Thanks

  3. Hate when that happens....I look at the one closest to me today and they didn't have them but there are many more it the Capital district I will keep my eyes open when I visit them.