Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Sunday

Today is a crafty day pretty much up and down the East Coast.  I hope that everyone is safe and doing what they love.... My prayers are with everyone affected by Irene...
Lily and I did some crafts this morning and you should see the mess we made, well you will see the mess because I took pictures.  I'm working on tags that I'm doing for the Fall tag swap at Life on the {Scrap}Beach, and Lily was doing a bit of everything.  First was paints, then of course glitter, and lastly some tags.  LOL !

The first one is my main desk with my sweet Lily doing her thing...

Next up is the tags I'm working on as well as some fall papers that I got yesterday.

The last pic is my other desk LOL what a mess, but we were creating... Have a wonderful day, I'm off to see what you all are working on.


  1. Your new fall papers are great.


  2. Love it! Looks like you ladies had a great time!! We were hit by Irene here in Massachusetts, but thank goodness, not bad all! Some wind and rain, but nothing we can't handle!!


  3. Who can resist pretty new fall papers? How much fun that you have a crafting partner! She's a sweetie! Hugs...

  4. Well you obviously had great fun the two of

  5. What a wonderful time ya'll must have had!!! Looking forward to seeing those tags you worked on. I also love the new fall papers!! :)

  6. I love a messy area...(not that yours is anywhere near as messy as mine!). I create best when I make a mess. I lose my mojo if I clean up as I go! LOL!
    Glad Lily got some crafting time in too.

  7. Hi Judy! Thanks for the insight about my blog. I wonder if others have trouble reading it because I have too many rainbow colors going on....LOL! Maybe that means it is time to upgrade to a new blog layout...hmmm! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday and Happy Crafting!

  8. Hi Judy,I'm incredibly nosey and love seeing other peoples craft areas!Looks like you were both having lots of fun!
    Jayne x

  9. I think the best creations are made in the middle of a mess - looks like you both had fun!! :)