Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,
The weather today couldn't be more perfect here, cold and rainy I need a day to clean.  I have one doc appointment this morning and then I'm free to do what ever, and tonight I have a dinner date with a special friend in our favorite restaurant. 
I'm also blessed to have become a member of the Secret Squirrel Sister Hood Society on face book, everyone should check it out I love everyone I've met there.  Once a month we have a swap and this month my sister was a woman named Holly, here is the video of what she sent me I hope you enjoy it.

Lily is here with me she is so cute... Have a great day everyone off to see what you all are working on.


  1. Hi Judy just got a head set for work I can listen (sneak a peek) at videos at work nice felt like I was sitting at the table watching you open this package with Lily....and she would have to fight me for the bubble wrap...but think I would let her win ;) hope you have a nice dinner....big hugs Karen

  2. What a fun box of stuff, looks like you guys had fun opening it all!! Enjoy your day!

  3. What a fun package you received! You are a lucky lady!! Your granddaughter is soo cute, she really loved everything you got, too funny!