Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
I had a long day with doctors, I hoping so much my case will be decided in my favor so I can relax a bit,  I'm a little stressed with the unknown of the whole issue. 
Anyway I wanted to share the other wreath, and tree that I made this wreath came out so much fuller.

The tree is taller than the last one, I think I like the smaller version.  I hope you all are well, enjoy your day...


  1. I love all your Christmas decorations! Lovely crafts!

  2. Wow, your Christmas decorations are gorgeous! I love that wreath!

  3. Judy I have you in my prayers hoping for something that will take your pain away. Your wreath is so beautiful looks so wonderful on your door

  4. Wonderful creations! How did I miss this post? Love it :)