Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hi Everyone
I'm having a great time coloring my pure innocence stamps, but this one clearly looks like she is in dirty water lol

I don't know what whites to use on these kinds of things clouds, bath bubbles etc... Can anyone give me some help?
Have a great day....


  1. Adorable card! Though I do have to admit I chuckled at your dirty water comment - good luck figuring it out, I'm clueless on coloring since I don't do much of it!

  2. okay just my suggestion but I would actually use the lightest blue I had and just go around the edges of the water and blend in to the center so that the hope that makes sense..... But I love what did it's really cute and I don't mind the ha ha "dirty water" makes me imagine that she was outside having fun and now getting cleaned up! Hugs Karen

  3. First off...thank you so much for becoming my follower! I am now your follower also! Thank you for such a nice comment. I really appreciate the ladies that take time to leave comments. I love your creations! This little card is darling. I have a few Pure Innocence stamps and love them. As for coloring bubbles and things like that (snow) I use white paper and then lightly shade or ink in blue around the edges. Sometimes for bubbles, I will add a little dot of a white type stickles just to accent the individual bubbles. If you scroll thru my blog, you may find some snow that I have done this too. Not sure if it is the finished look you prefer but it is how I do things. Hugs