Monday, March 19, 2012

My new youtube friend Sue showed me how to make these flowers. So this morning while I was updating my gypsy I decided to make a few. 
Here is a pic of what I've done.

My flower punch was a bit different than the one Sue used, I also used a cut from my cricut cart to do the two pink ones.  Some more practice and I think they will look pretty good.
Check out Sue's youtube for the tutorial tsnbjj7... I loved making flowers with you this morning Sue, thank you again.


  1. You are the sweetest person Judy. Thank you so much for giving me that shout out. YOU did an amazing job with your roses! Love them! They are beautiful.

  2. Hi Judy. These are gorgeous, I am going to pop over and have a look.
    Love Sandra xxx

  3. These roses are beautiful!!! I'm going to look for that tutorial.

  4. Oh Judy I they are amazing. What is the name of her youtube channel I have to see how she did them!

  5. Those roses are gorgeous!!! Very pretty!!!

  6. Those flowers look amazing. I need to watch that video.

    Hope you will stop by when you get a chance.
    Carson's Creations