Wednesday, February 6, 2013

winter wonderland

Hi Everyone, My card today is going out to someone who has really been on my mind. He has gone thru so much this past year and I just want to send him a bit of support. I hope this card does that, plus maybe brings on a smile as well.
This penguin is cut from the cameo... Once I touch the glitter it seems to go everywhere, and today was no exception, lol. Glitter got everywhere.... Hope you have a wonderful evening, and that tomorrow brings you peace. I'm out of here tomorrow I have cabin fever for sure. Hugs,


  1. So that penguin! Lee-Ann :)

  2. How that little penguin!

    If you get a chance, Judy...check out my blog post for today....I had a little announcement. :)


  3. How absolutely adorable is this little penguin!! I love it! Love the glitter! I bet it puts a big smile on your friends face!!