Friday, November 1, 2013


Good Morning Everyone,
I plan to do some crafting today so I hope to have more pics later that relate to our crafting.  But in the mean time please enjoy my grandchildren ready for a windy rainy Halloween.

My newest baby grandson William, he is 4 months now, and yes he does smile like that a lot he is such a smiley little boy.  I lost my heart again !!!

that's Lily in the background, I think my daughter said some sort of goth princess?  I miss the day's of her being a sweet little fairy already.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween 2013.  For me I thought back to the excitement of my kids while they barely ate dinner, and ran out the door to trick or treat. Now it's the grandkids! I do believe the circle of life is just a wonderful place to be living.


  1. Super adorable pictures Judy! Looks like they had a great Halloween!!!
    Thanks for sharing and we need to plan a time to meet up at Buffalo Stamps :)
    Have a GREAT Friday!

  2. hi Judy thanks for coming by my blog! So happy to see pictures of your grandson he is so cute and love his happy can we arrange a marriage between him and Emma so then we could be related/ ;) Have a great crafty day Karen

  3. I so agree with you, Judy, on that circle of life thing...and how much more precious it seems to be going around it again!
    And William is the cutest little boy EVER! Love that smile and I know he's stolen your heart!