Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fun

Hi Everyone,

Before I forget I wanted to post the link of the lovely lady that I got the teacher treat box from  she gives great, easy to follow instructions. 

Today, sadly I have another sympathy card to share my brother in law's dad passed away. 

For this card I used PTI cardstock, I have to say I really love PTI ,  Martha Stewart for the butterfly stamp, and the sign came from my Estenials cart on the E2 ~ love the installed carts on the E2.  Added some twine from the Twinery and a few pieces of bling. 

This next card has two views, I saw the idea of the large ribbon and big bow in my Cardmaker Magazine.  To funny~ in this first one the bow fell off  because it is really heavy. 

So then this is what I did with the card LOL....

I don't know I think I like the first one best.  We have the CK Convention coming to our city the weekend of June 17th and 18th I'm going  to go spend one of the  day's  is anyone else planning on going I would love to meet you all there. Have a great day friends.  Off to see what you all are doing.


  1. Good morning Judy,
    Great cards, love that big blue bow, I know what you mean about the bow falling off, sometimes I have great difficulty with ribbon, but eventually we make it stick LOL.
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend.

  2. Hey Judy,
    Love the big bows on the cards. I am no card maker but can really appreciate a pretty card. This is definitely one. I think the bow is what makes it pop. I have met a couple of girls from youtube and for heavy things to put on cards, scrap or just to alter something they use the hot glue gun. Maybe this can help.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Everything is just beautiful!

  4. Hi Judy. My goodness, these are beautiful. I think we all have problems with bows at one time or another, but hey, it hasnt taken away from the beauty of your card. Both of them are lovely.
    With love, Sandra xx

  5. I love all 3 cards! That big bow is something I love and have never done! Maybe today I'll CASE you :)

  6. Beautiful cards, I love the butterflies on the sympathy one! CKC is coming to my city in October, I'm excited to go too - you'll have to let me know what you think!!

  7. WOW WOW WOW that butterfly card is moxie fab, Girl! Your other cards are great too, but those colored butterflies pop.

  8. I have two make a sympathy cards tomorrow one friend at work lost her younger sister and one lost her grandmother....

  9. What great cards! The butterflies are gorgeous and I love the big bow! (I'm bow challenged!!)
    I'm so sorry to read of the passing on your brother-in-law's father.

  10. Hi Judy, lovely cards, the butterflies are gorgeous and i like the second bow card the best. You obviously feel the same way about PTI as i do. Unfortunately for some reason their postage is very expensive outside of the US not that i let that stop me. Great to see that you are using the E2-that hasn't come out here yet and as i purchased my expression from the US (postage was over USD$ 100 i dont think that i will be getting the E2.) even with the postage it was way cheaper than buying it here.
    Linda in Aus