Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday everyone,
I'm late posting today because I have a sleeping sick little girl in my room.  If you guessed Lily you would be right, she has an upset tummy so grandma gets some time with her even tho  she's sleeping.  .... Sometimes Lily will fake sick as she says just to come to grandmas...but today I know she doesn't feel well she is sound asleep. 
Anyway I did some coloring with my copics again, I'm still learning blending and all, but I do love my copics... Here is a pic of what I did.

Then this next one is just some use of stickles, Lily loves to glue and use sparkles  this card of course is her and I even tho I'm the big one she is still the queen... LOL this was a design  from Kates ABC's cartridge.... The perals were glued down very well by Lily... LOL

The sentiment is one of my favorites it is a stampin up stamp, it says " a friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart."  or something like that, it is so sweet tho.  I hope you all are having a wonderful day.  I'm off to check on Lily then I'll be back to see what you all are working on.


  1. Oh I hope your sweet Lily feels better soon! I love your coloring. I have to say Copics intimidate me a bit so I have not tried them except at a class. Their versatility is incredible as shown by your image!

  2. Hi Judy,
    Your little elf Tilda is so cute, wonderful job coloring her, I have not tried Copics, they are quite expensive and what if I don't learn to use them correctly. Oh well seems everyone loves them, maybe it's time for me to try them.
    Hope Lily is feeling better when she wakes from her nap.


  3. Judy great job with the copics I'm at Hampton Beach in NH so nice here with the ocean breeze but the internet connection must be from when we we're young it is painfully slow!

  4. Look at your sweet Tilda and your bees :)

    I like your sweet sentiment too. I hope little Lily is feeling better soon!

  5. Hi Judy, hope Lily feels better soon. Great colouring of Tilda and the bees are just so adorable.
    Jayne x

  6. Hope Lily is feeling better. Your Tilda is fantastic. You did a wonderful job with your coloring!! Love the bees on Lily's card. She did a great job! :)

  7. Judy these are ADORABLE! I sent you an email please check for that.

  8. Your coloring is wonderful, love that elf! Hope Lily is feeling better soon!