Friday, June 8, 2012

Hi Everyone,
My daughter and her fiance' made a wonderful  birthday dinner for me last night.  So needless to say I made her a card to thank them both, it is geared more towards my daughter, but my future son in law was a big part of it as well.

I do so much love being her mom, as well as being mom to my 3 sons... It's second only to being grandma.  :)  Have a great day everyone.


  1. This card is darling. Happy Birthday! Love your card to you too.

  2. A very pretty image and card.It's lovely when we get cooked for.
    Hugs Sue

  3. The little shy girl is just adorable and the sentiment is sheer perfection. Big Birthday hugs to you! Karen

  4. I agree about that Mom thing being wonderful and only second to being a grandmother! :)
    Wonderful card and how sweet that they treated you to a wonderful dinner!
    Love the card!

    And Happy Birthday, Judy!


  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog - I appreciate it! Your blog is awesome!!