Friday, April 1, 2011

Seriously! It's Snowing Outside

Happy Friday, this weekend is the one where Grandma gets her baby girl for a sleep over Saturday night, then we spend all day Sunday playing dolls, and school. My baby girl is 6 by the way and just started kindergarten this year which really cuts into grandma time. We've both learned to adjust. Lily is one of three grandchildren that I'm blessed with, the other two are in Colorado. Wish we were all together but life has a different plan I guess.
I can't seem to access my photo's to post them for you now. I will be back later to do that once I figure this out.
Ok here we go

Lily and I on our last sleep over day...

Next are my two grandbabys in Colorado they are so precious...


  1. It's true...and I am completely have 3 gorgeous grandchildren. No doubt you will be in 7th heaven with Lily this weekend; she has the face of an angel!

    I love both cards you posted. I particularly admire how you did not try to hide the large bold print of the first one and did not add lots of layers or embellies to take away from the pattern. It is stunning!

    Have fun playing dolls and school :)

  2. thanks June... YOu have a great weekend too.