Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Morning Everyone,
I thought I had a card to share with you, and I do have several but my camera battery is dead so I will be back to load those up as soon as I get some juice in the camera.
I want some advice on the cameo... I know so many of you have them now, and the cuts that I see you get from this machine simply amaze me.  If you wouldn't mind please leave me your opinions on the cameo... I have the cricut but have been so frustrated from the beginning with cutting.  I hardly ever use it.   
Hope you all are well, have a wonderful day.


  1. Hi, Judy!
    I was a total Cricut enthusiast. I had the original "Baby Bug" and sold it and have 2 Expressions sitting downstairs in my craftroom. I have not turned those machines on in well over 6 months. Last January I bought my Cameo and am totally in love with that machine. The cuts, in my opinion, are much better. A circle comes out like a circle for example and it does a better job with the more intricate cuts. I also like that I can cut true type fonts out with the Silhouette. I make a lot of my own titles is pretty effortless and there are so many free fonts out there. I have found shapes and designs for free on the internet and have been able to cut them out for cards or scrapbooks. I've used digital stamps that were in png format and brought them in to the Silhouette...traced them and then cut. So easy although you do have to have Silhouette's upgraded software (Design Studio) to do that. Now I will say that not all cuts are perfect but generally you get what you see. You don't have to have special paper...I cut Bazzill, American Crafts (that seems to do particularly well), Papertrey Ink, etc papers. If the paper is heavily textured or glittered I'll flip my image and cut it with that side on the mat.
    The biggest downside is that the Silhouette blades are a good bit more expensive than Cricuts and I do go through blades. I like a good sharp blade so I may go through them faster than others. I do think Silhouette is continuing to work on improvements with the blade but for now they retail at almost $12 a blade.
    My friend ordered a Silhouette bundle last week from and got a good deal which included a $10 card and a bonus $25 card plus some other stuff. It was $269.99 and is still available. There is also one there for $289.99 which offers a few other things. That's about the best price I've seen although Overstock had a wonderful bundle on Cyber Monday for $229.99. I don't know that you'll ever see it that low again. I got mine through Amazon for $269 and it's offered there for that price, too but doesn't offer as much in the bundle as Overstock. Do you use Ebates? If you go through that org you can get a 2.5% cash rebate and save about $6. I use Ebates all the time for online shopping...if you aren't familiar with it let me know. I can give you a referral code and get a few cents credit! :) (I buy my through them too...and get 5% back! LOL!...I am a great bargain hunter when it comes to craft shopping).
    Bottom line is I LOVE my Cameo and am so glad I bought it. Now I am trying to decide what to do with my Cricuts and over 100 cartridges!

    1. Well, my goodness....didn't realize I'd written a dang book!


  2. more thing. With the Cameo you do need to connect to your computer. Don't have to be online unless you are trying to download shapes or files but you do use software on your computer for design and to start the cut.

  3. Hi Judy! Happy New Year to you and your family!! I hope you all had a GREAT holiday season!!
    I purchased a Cameo last April and sold ALL my cricut items about a week later....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cameo and would never consider going back to the cricut. I have the upgraded designer studio...a HUGE library of files from other companies and then the subscription for the silhouette store. I always know I can find an image in the store or online and never have to worry about the high costs of cartridges anymore which was one of the original reasons I started looking at the cameo. I was so tired of paying the cost of a cart for one or two images. Now I buy what I want. I HIGHLY recommend at least the research of the was one of my BEST crafty purchases to date!! You can always email me of you have more questions :)
    Have a GREAT week!!

  4. yay on your ordering a Cameo. You'll love it! And thanks for stopping by my blog with your lovely comments. And I'll be glad to answer any questions you have....but I'm still learing, too!